Here are some stores that are well known for selling speed cubes and many other puzzles.  I’ve listed them in the order of my favorite choices to my least favorite, and I summarize why or why not I like that particular store.  I only put up the sites that I feel are worth the effort of writing a review about.  If there are any cube stores that I’ve missed or you think is a site worth reviewing, I will check them out.

SpeedCube Shop

SpeedCubeShopThis is the next store I go to when I want a speed cube and I want it fairly quicker than a few weeks.  Now some of SpeedCube’s products are a little more expensive than other stores, but they make up for it with their great quality of service and quicker, cheaper shipment as opposed to getting it from a China-based store.  So all in all, you’re getting about the same price if you bought it from them as opposed to another shop.  Quick and efficiency is why I shop here.


V-Cube doesn’t have a large selection of puzzles, but that is because they only sell their own.  However, what they design and create, they do extremely well with high quality.  They originally specialized in creating large cubes (and they keep getting bigger), but they have also branched out to other types of puzzles, and that will widen their customer base to those who like other challenges.  I have had the privilege with speaking to their brand manager, and customer service is something they hold to the highest of standards.  If you are looking for high-quality puzzles, then you have to check out V-Cube.


AmazonThis is one of the largest online stores in the world to this day, and there is a good reason why.  They hold some of the best prices along with great service and fast shipping.  I’ve bought from them many times and received my order within 2-3 days.  Now I’m from the U.S. so I know that plays a factor.  I’ve never had any issues with them and they are very reliable.  The only downside is that they don’t always have the cube I’m looking for, so I have to purchase specialty cubes from other stores.

Cube Depot

CubeDepotI like Cube Depot just as much as I like SpeedCube Shop for the same reasons.  I find that Cube Depot has a bit more inventory than the usual U.S. locations so that’s nice for everyone who’s lives close in that area.  Though, they seem to be a little less organized in their online store navigation.  It’s not too difficult for me to find my way around and I’ve had successful purchases with them before, but the layout makes them look a little cheap and that will turn people away.  They’re a great company, but their website could use some updating.

HK Now Store

HKNowStoreWhen I say this company has a huge inventory, it’s an understatement.  This is the best China-based store I’ve seen so far, and it doesn’t look like my opinion will change in a while.  With the wide variety of cubes that I can get here, I’m okay with waiting a little while to get my cube.  This would be my top pick if it wasn’t for the long time that it takes to get here and the different currencies that I have to translate to my own U.S. dollar.  They may have an option to change that, but I’ve not found it as of yet.


Cube4YouI’ve bought many, many cubes from here and I’ve always been met with great service and products when they arrive.  I don’t have any problems when I’m trying to order.  Not too long ago, their website was extremely slow and hard to get through.  Now, they’ve got a great update, and they are packing with a nice variety.  The only issue is they don’t stay as updated as other sites.  My thinking is because they’ve branched out to other kinds of puzzles as well, but I still like their options.  It’s a great store with great products.


RubiksNow I’ve not bought a cube or puzzle from the actual Rubik’s site since about 3-4 years ago, but I want to give credit where credit is due.  We wouldn’t have the vast amount of puzzles (or it would’ve been a while from now) if it wasn’t for the first invention of the Rubik’s cube.  I like the options that Rubik’s has even if they’re not speed cubes.  I enjoy the new puzzles they are adding to the collection.

Twisty Puzzles

TwistyPuzzlesWhat seemed like just an online museum for puzzles also had a store where you can buy cubes.  Now I’ve never bought a cube from them before, and it’s mainly because I couldn’t figure it out when I tried in the past.  It was honestly disappointing and discouraged me from coming back to buy from them again.  Now it is much different, but I have better choices to pick from.


ShapewaysShapeways is not specifically designed for cubes and puzzles, but they have some expensive, but rare cubes that you can obtain to show off your friends.  Shapeways is a place for 3D printer products to be put on sale.  Now anything with 3D printer in the sentence comes with a lot of money, so if you have an arm or a leg to spare, I’d check this site out for some pretty cool puzzles.


LightTakeWhen I was first introduced to this site, I thought it was just another generalized store that didn’t have cubes that were worth my time to browse through, but when I decided to look, I was thoroughly impressed.  I’ve not actually bought from this store so I cannot say if they are good with their service, but I’ve heard that they take a while to ship (depending on location).  I say it’s worth a shot if you want to look in their inventory.

51 More Fun

51MoreFunThis is the worst company I’ve dealt with up to date.  I love the products that they have to offer, but I lost quite a bit of money from them because they doubled my payment of a large order I had recently bought.  I contacted them multiple times with no luck.  They kept insisting that I was only charged once, but later on I lost twice the amount that I should have from them.  I tried contacting them again, but then they didn’t reply.  Even after going to the bank to file a false payment and error, I was still charged the amount twice.  To be short and simple, it’s not worth your time and extra money.