Notation is the language of cubers and they are extremely important to know when learning algorithms.  If you are on this page with the thought that they might be hard, you don’t need to worry.  They are very intuitive and easy to memorize.  I set them up as clear as I can with beginner first, down to the more advanced notations.

Beginner Notations

3x3 NotationF – Front Clockwise

B – Back Clockwise

L – Left Clockwise 

R – Right Clockwise

U – Up Clockwise

D – Down Clockwise

If there is a after the letter, then that means turn that particular side Counter Clockwise.  Here are the Counter Clockwise Notations:

F’ – Front Counter Clockwise

B’ – Back Counter Clockwise

L’ – Left Counter Clockwise

R’ – Right Counter Clockwise

U’ – Up Counter Clockwise

D’ – Down Counter Clockwise

If you see a 2 after the letter, that means turn that particular side twice.  Here are the double turn notations:

F2 – Front Double Turn

B2 – Back Double Turn

L2 – Left Double Turn

R2 – Right Double Turn

U2 – Up Double Turn

D2 – Down Double Turn

These are the only ones that you’ll need to know at this time.  Once you get these down and you want to learn more advanced algorithms, then check out the Advanced Notations below.

Advanced Notations

Since you already know the detailed notation, I’m going to just skip the counter clockwise and the double turn notations and I’ll just talk about the letters and their meanings.

f – Two Front Sides

b – Two Back Sides

l – Two Left Sides

r – Two Right Sides

u – Two Up Sides

d – Two Down Sides