As speed cubers, we are always trying to find the next best method, algorithm, or learning strategy that will help us reach our new PB.  Constantly looking for the latest tips can really bog us down after attempting to apply so many.

There are, however, a few out of the ordinary tricks that could speed up your times and give you better results that you anticipated.  If nothing else, they are worth a shot that could add a little more fun in your every day solves.  Here are 5 unusual tips to speed up your solves.

1. Take Your Time


People are surprised at how well this works.  In reality, we want to go as fast as we can so we can get the best solves, but going fast can actually work against us because we can’t look ahead as well.  We end up scrambling trying to find the next move when we are going too fast.

Next time you practice your speed cubing, take your time getting the F2L or other intuitive steps done.  While you’re solving a piece, you can look ahead much easier and see where your next move is going to take place.  Once you get to your OLL’s and PLL’s, though, go as fast as you like.  You already know what the algorithm you’ll be performing is.

2. Take Away The Timer


Now you don’t need to take away the timer, but just don’t let the timer become your focus.  Too often, we can take a few glances at the timer during a solve, but that distracts us and could cost us some crucial seconds if we’re not careful.

What you should do instead is keep the timer in a location that you can’t see it or know what the time is on the solve.  Some timers have great options that will make the timer disappear when you are in the middle of a solve.  That way you can’t see it until you are done and you’ll see your results afterward.  It’s also a lot of fun with the mystery.

3. Solve A Larger Cube


You can get pretty used to having a 3×3 in your hands after some time and can get your hands too familiar with the same movements over and over again.  This is all good, but it can become boring or just too repetitive.

Try taking a 4×4, 5×5, or any other puzzle that you haven’t solved in a while and solve it a couple of times.  It will break the cycle that your hands are used to from the 3×3.  Once you go back to your main speed cube, you’ll feel like it is almost a completely different cube.  It reignites that fun feeling and can get you back in the groove of some good solves.

4. Blink Solves


The name sounds strange, and because it truly is unconventional.  One huge factor to speed solving is looking ahead, but it can be hard when we’re not intentionally putting in the effort to look ahead.  We’re restricting ourselves when we don’t push our look ahead.

Try doing a “blink” solve.  This involves glancing at the cube and immediately looking for a move that you can do without looking.  As soon as you find one, close your eyes or look away and solve the piece that you found.  You’ll get to the point where you can easily perform intuitive or algorithmic steps by memory and have faster reactions

5. Limitless Inspection Time


Too often, the pressure of inspecting the cube in 15 seconds can restrict us from really taking the time to analyze what moves we want to make.  Now you really can only use the 15 seconds during a competition, but you should take the time to practice looking ahead at building a cross without the need of a time limit.

Instead, take all the time you need before you begin your solve.  It may not be as fast as what you are wanting to be, but you will improve in looking ahead during your inspection time and you will be able to spot them faster as you practice.  Once you feel as though you have the inspection part down, then begin to challenge yourself by recognizing them at a faster pace.  You’ll just keep getting better and better.

There are so many more ways that you can try out to help increase your times, but these are some that I enjoy using to better my times.  Give these tips a shot and let us know how they help you!

What tips do you use to help your times?  Let us know in the comments below!