I know a lot of people ask what type of timers the top speed cubers use, and I figured it’s about time there was a review of the more popular timers to help new and old cubers find the one that’s best for them.  There are several different kinds of timers, but I will only show the ones that are used by top speed cubers.  Without further ado, here are the reviews.


This is the online timer that almost everyone uses.  Now I say almost, because some prefer the more traditional style or maybe a software version.  This cube timer has more options than most when it comes to appearance, but it cannot save the sessions if you are into that.  The timer looks boring and bland when first entering the page, but after a few teaks, you can have a completely new look to it.  I’m not a fan of the bright green so I changed it to a darker color.  The timer is bigger for YouTube purposes, and the white background is changed so it’s not so bright when I open the page.

This is the timer I go for when I’m at my computer or when I’m doing a timed solve series on YouTube.  It works wonders, and I’ve never had any issues with it.  Definitely check it out!


This was the timer that people went to before qqTimer took over, but I still think this should have some credibility.  This is almost as good as qqTimer if it wasn’t for the lack of the interface customization and the inability to save your sessions, but this timer still has great qualities to make it worth checking out.  Some people like the way it looks as it is, and some don’t.  This is my second choice if I were to time myself online, and I wouldn’t be complaining if this was the only timer on the internet.

Good timer, no customization, but still gets the job done.  Give it a look.


I just so happened to run into this timer not too long ago, and although I’m impressed with certain aspects, this timer is a little disappointing in other areas.  The first thing I want to point out is the inability to start the timer before the 15 seconds (or whatever inspection time you use).  I couldn’t start early and it was frustrating me to the point where I just took it off after the first few solves.  I do like the graph that they have on the site, but you can’t save it.  Strangely though, you can actually print it off with the graph and the times.  I’m not much of a printing my stats, so I don’t care much for that benefit.

This timer is good, but not great.  Better choices out there.

Timer Apps

These are the apps that I use on my phone to time myself when I’m on the go.  I like these apps because they have great qualities that make them stand out above the rest.


Although not from the same guy who created qqTimer, it was created with the same idea in mind.  iiTimer is very intuitive and built with simplicity, but don’t let the appearance fool you.  Upon clicking on the stats, you can review every solve that you’ve done and save the sessions for you to look back on later.  You can’t change the way it looks, but I don’t ever feel the need to.  The timer has a good look and you won’t complain about all the options it has to offer.  This timer is great for on the go!  My only drawback (which isn’t much of one) is that the app does not go into landscape mode, but I’m still happy with this product.

iiTimer does come with a small price, but it is worth the $2 that you have in your wallet.


I just recently bought this, and I see it having some potential, but there are some kinks that could be straightened out.  But let me talk about the good stuff first.  The interface shows a wide variety of stats for you while you are timing yourself which I think is a nice addition, and if you don’t like it, you can hide the stats and just focus on the timer.  A big plus is that you can see the scramble on the solves that you performed in that entire session.  You cannot save your sessions, but you can email them to yourself for reference later.

The things I think could make this app better is the option to save your sessions along with the email, manually enter a time, landscape mode, and a few more options regarding the interface’s design.  Overall, I think this app has a lot of potential, and it’s being updated regularly as opposed to the other timers out there.