So speedcubers have this lingo that they use to describe certain types of patterns, methods, and other various things; and I’ve had many people ask me what they mean and a few others that recommended me making a page, so here it is!

I will update it as I go, but here are the phrases and lingo that is used in the speedcubing community!

OLL – Orientation of the Last Layers

PLL – Permutation of the Last Layers

F2L – First 2 Layers

CFOP – Cross, First 2 Layers, Orientation, Permutation

ZZ – Zbigniew Zborowski (speedcubing method)

ZBLL – Zborowski-Bruchem Last Layer

DNF – Did Not Finish

DNS – Did Not Start

ELL – Edges of the Last Layer

OH – One Handed

PB – Personal Best

UWR – Unofficial World Record

WR – World Record