Hey, everyone!

I am starting a new series of blog posts that I’m still trying to figure out how often I want to do it, but I am going to be interviewing speed cubers that are big influencers in their social platforms and pick their brains on speed cubing to help cubers of all stages in their cubing journey.

This interview will be the first of many, and I’m excited to bring this new level of posts for you to read.  After all, I’m not the only cuber out there and other cubers have fantastic ideas that we can all learn from.

I’ve had the privilege and honor to speak with an Instagrammer by the name of @cubing_burger, and we’ve had many cubing-related conversations.  I figured that it would awesome if he could share some of his experiences with you.

Me:  Alright, man!  I’m excited to have you here!  First off, tell us a little about your background. Who are you, how old are you, what country do you live in, and who you are as a person outside of cubing?

@cubing_burger:  My name is…. Hamburger (hence the Instagram name). I’m 13 years old (ALMOST 14), I live in the Netherlands, and outside of cubing, I am just an everyday cuber.

Me:  So who or what got you into cubing?

@cubing_burger:  When I was 11, I was in group 8 (we don’t have the same school system.) and a classmate began cubing. I thought,” Hey! That’s pretty cool!” So I bought a Rubik’s brand and started learning how to solve it. That summer, he came to my house and we raced for a little bit.

The funny part is I thought he was fast when he was sub 40 (for those of you who are reading this and you are sub-40, sorry) and I’m almost at sub-15 now.

Me: So, what method or methods do you use?

@cubing_burger: I use Ortega for 2×2, CFOP with COLL for 3×3, Yau with half-centers for 4×4. Freeslice for 5×5, Sarah’s intermediate for Skewb, Intuitive L4E for Pyraminx, my own method and Legoboyz3’s last layer tutorial for Megaminx, and Legoboyz3’s tutorial for Square-One.

Me: Why did you decide to create an account for other cubers?

@cubing_burger: Once, I found out that there were cubing accounts on Instagram, I started chatting with them. One day, someone said,” Hey! Why don’t you make an account?” So I made my account: @cubie_burger, but after a day or two, I started thinking,” Isn’t cubing_burger a better name?” So I asked everyone who followed me (about 40 people) and they all voted cubing_burger.

Me: I know this will be a few answers, but what do you love most about speed cubing?

@cubing_burger: There are a couple of things in no particular order. The cubing community and their personalities, improving such as getting better times and learning new stuff, getting new kinds of puzzles (like a Square-One and an Ivy Cube), and like DG would say,” The Rubik’s Cube is more than a toy, it is also a party trick.

Me: If you could only have one cube, what cube would it be?

@cubing_burger: A 3×3 because it is most known by non-cubers.

Me: What is one piece of advice that you can give to new cubers?

@cubing_burger: Look into 4-Look LL’s before you start learning full OLL (beginning with the little L cases before you even know 2-look OLL and PLL which means only knowing Sune and the Ua perm).

Me: Thanks man for allowing me to interview you, and I’m sure we will do something like this again in the future!

@cubing_burger: Thank you for doing this! STAY BURGERIE!

I hope you enjoyed this interview and if you want to see more stuff like this, leave a comment below!