HuanYing The MoYu HuanYing is a light cube with a very simplistic design.  With over exaggerated qualities, this cube outdoes other similar styles,  but is it as good as the top cubes today?  


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The MoYu HuanYing is a new cube that came into the market.  It is known for having a minimal plastic feel with nothing but the frame of the cube’s interior design.  The minimal plastic makes the cube much lighter than it’s competitors, but also makes a lot of noise when speed solving.  MoYu took the torpedo design and flattened out the piece, which is very different from the common torpedo structure.


HuanYing MechanismThe interior design is very interesting.  Upon first look, the cube looks no different than any other cube, but the inside has very little plastic except of what is only necessary for the cube to function.  This causes the cube to be very lightweight and have less friction when turning the cube.

The edge pieces have a bit of a simplistic look up until you get to the very end of the piece.  The lip on the edge piece has a nice curve that compliments the corner pieces very well.  MoYu seems to have also changed the torpedo on the HuanYing.  This “flattened” out torpedo hugs the edge pieces to the corner pieces very well, and seems to reduce the popping significantly.  An issue with this is that the cube locks up more since there is no breathing room in the torpedos.

The corner pieces do not show much differences than that of other cubes.  It isn’t elongated like the Dayan series, but instead has a distance that seems to have the corner piece “hug” the rest of the cube.  Like the edges, there is little breathing room which reduces popping but causes lock-ups.





While this cube has a lot of potential and is a cube that I would trust for competitions, it’s just not in my top favorites.  I get really good times on it, but I’m not a fan of how it feels and sounds.  The cube does lock up on me when I’m trying to solve occasionally, and the noise is quite louder than its competitors.  I find that the cube turns really well because of the lack of friction, and the corner cutting is very nice, too.  Overall, I’m going to stick with my current speed cubes and use this one for fun.

I’m not disappointed, but this won’t be my main speed cube.  The MoYu HuanYing is impressive, but not what I prefer when I’m solving.  This cube is very good and great for speed cubing, but I prefer heavier, smoother cubes; so this just doesn’t work for me.  Maybe it will for you!


Best Prices

HKnowstore has great prices for the service and quality.  I buy from them as often as I can when I can’t find them in my local stores.  They are very reliable and wonderful to work with.

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Is This Cube For You?

The HuanYing is very good and will give great times as well as the top cubes today, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are into heavier cubes that don’t make a lot of noise.  If you like light cubes, then this would be perfect.

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • Lightweight
  • Less friction
  • Clicky turning
  • No popping

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Heavyweight
  • More friction
  • Smooth turning
  • Quieter cube

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