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The FangShi GuangYing is the continuation of the new mechanism that comes with FangShi.  How does it function in comparison to the other speed cubes?  Here is the FangShi GuangYing Speed Cube Review.

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The FangShi GuangYing is a speed cube designed by FangShi after the second installment of the Shuang Ren.  The cube has a much lighter feel with a thickness to give it a more comfortable weight, and allow more control with little effort.  FangShi is known to create cubes that have almost no pops, and they still live up to their reputation.


GuangYing MechanismTo give an idea on how secure this thing is, I had to literally take apart an edge piece while it was inside the cube just to take it apart for the pictures I take for the speed cube review.  That is how rock solid this thing is.  I’ve never had so much difficulty in my life taking a cube apart, so I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to pop during any of my solves; and it hasn’t since I’ve bought it so it’s pretty convincing.

A minor setback would be the edge and corner caps that cover the cube.  FangShi is designed with a much more different approach to assembling their speed cubes, and one such design would be the caps.

Putting the cube together was no problem, but while taking the cube apart, I had several occasions where the caps would pull off before the piece themselves.

GuangYing PiecesIt does seem to be problematic, but I say it is minor because all it takes to fix it is some super glue and assembly.  On the bright side, the caps don’t come off during solves, so it really is a personal preference.  I probably won’t do anything to it if that helps make up your mind.


This cube is wonderfully crafted with little to say against it.  Some might say that it is too fast for them, but I find that it is just perfect for me.  As of the time that I am writing this review, the FangShi GuangYing is my current main speed cube.  It is really that good.

There are no lock ups, superb corner cutting, popping during solves are eliminated, and has a great balance between speed and control.  The only limitation is your ability to use it.  The better you get, the better the cube will work for you.  That’s all there is to it.

Is This Cube For You?

Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Fast Turning
  • Great Control
  • No Popping
  • Comfortable Weight

Don’t Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Strict Movement
  • Looser Cube
  • Slower Turning


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