Dayan ZhanChi Review

The Dayan ZhanChi is the fifth speed cube in the Dayan series, and was once held by many people to be the best speed cube for several years.

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The Dayan ZhanChi is a speed cube that combined the mechanism of the GuHong and the LunHui, which produced what people dub as one of the best speed cube that has been invented so far.

The ZhanChi has been used to break a world record of solving the cube at 5.55 seconds.  With a record being broken on this cube, everyone had rushed to get it in hopes that they would get faster too.  Because of this, it had been the most recommended cube for quite some time.

ZhanChi Pieces 2Mechanism

The ZhanChi has a curve to both the corner and edge pieces which allows the cube to have a smoother rotation and feels “flush” with the rest of the pieces.  I see that this also gives the cube a bit of an advantage, because feeling space in between the pieces has been an issue with many previous 3×3’s.

The edge piece shows an inward slope to the inside of the cube, and that is very interesting.  It has a more organic shape which seems like it would be a risky style to go towards, but it does not damage the cube’s overall functionality at all.  There are also torpedos which are not shown in the picture that help reduce the popping.

The corner pieces are similar to the edge pieces.  Having a nice inward slope, you can see that this is also more organic and curvy, but I believe that it only improves the ZhanChi’s corner cutting and turning.


The Dayan ZhanChi is my favorite speed cube by far, and I am very impressed by how well this cube is.  If I could say something negative about this cube, it would be the rare amount of popping that occurs.  I bought three, each with a specific purpose.  I originally bought my first one and used a lubricant called Jig-a-Loo (strange name) which actually damaged the plastic inside the cube after about a year or so.  Reading up on some better lubricant, I found and started using Lubix Cube Lubricant.  I heard by many YouTube cubers that this was one of the best lubricants, so I bought another ZhanChi and lubed my new puzzle.  This new cube is my current speed cube, and I haven’t changed since then.

Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get a beginner speed cube.  I say this because it is widely accepted as a great cube and it’s a steal for the price too.  If you are looking for a new cube to add to your collection and you don’t have this, then stop where you are and get the ZhanChi.  You will not regret it…. unless you don’t like 3×3’s.

Is This Cube For You?

The ZhanChi is smoother than the other cubes I’ve ever solved.  It is very flush with the other pieces and flows really well.  On top of that, it rarely pops at the level that I set it at, and I like it pretty loose.  You can look up many other reviewers and see other great reasons why this speed cube is so good.

If you are a beginner and have little to no idea of what you’re buying, then I highly recommend this as a first speed cube.  If you are experienced and do not have this cube, I’d suggest looking at it as a new speed cube.  Even as just a regular cube to play from time to time and if it doesn’t replace your current speed cube, you will not regret getting the ZhanChi added to your collection.  There is a reason why it’s one of the top cube in the community.

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • Smooth turning
  • Flush feeling
  • Heavier weight
  • Best corner-cutting

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Crisp turning
  • Open feeling
  • Lighter weight


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