Dayan PanShi Review

The Dayan PanShi was the latest generation of the Dayan Series thought to outdo the ZhanChi.

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The Dayan PanShi is the sixth 3×3 in the Dayan series following the ZhanChi.  There were hopes and speculations that this cube would be better than the previous model, but it’s too early to make a final decision.  Some say it’s just as good, and some say that it’s right under par.  The PanShi was released for a small amount of time before it was recalled to create a more stable plastic cube (I have the original plastic).  After a bit of work, the new speed cube was back in business and the newest of the Dayan cubes.


PanShi MechanismMechanism

If you can see in the picture to the right, the corner piece has a similar look to a ZhanChi, but with an extra lip which I can only assume to be there to reduce the amount of popping when solving the cube.  I’ve not seen this extra lip help reduce the popping in any way.

The edge pieces also have a distinct similarity to its predecesor, but has a bit of an indention on the sides to counteract the extensions of the corner piece’s lip extension.  This new model was made with good intentions, but didn’t meet the expectations that everyone was hoping for.  I’ll explain why later.

Some speed cubers have said that the PanShi is so stable that you do not require the torpedos that come with every Dayan cube on the market.  There are mixed feelings as to whether this speculation (or theory) is true.  I have something I want to say about this, but I’ll wait for my review section to talk about it.



Some cubers are saying that this is almost just as good as a ZhanChi, and I agree with them…. to a point.  I like this cube a lot, and it is one of my top choices for a cube that I would use for a speed cubing competition, BUT I have a few things that I’d like to point out.

First off is this idea that you don’t need the torpedos that they offer in the cube.  Some cubers have been posting on YouTube saying that it works better that way.  I tried it myself and hated it.  It turned really well and had great movement, but I had to put my PanShi back together more often than I was solving it.  The torpedos are there to keep the cube from popping, and they work wonders.  I put them back in after getting frustrated and now I like it a lot more than before.  So please do me a favor and don’t try it unless you like to have a tight cube… Then and only then would it possibly work for you.

With that out of the way, let me talk about the cube itself.  The PanShi has a great feel and smooth rotations, but I don’t feel the flushness that I do with my ZhanChi and I think it’s because of the newer model that’s slightly different than before.  It has a little more “clickness” to it which isn’t bad, but a noticeable change.

I’ll just say that this is my second favorite speed cube.  It pops a little more than I’m used to because it’s not as connected as my other cubes are, but still great in feeling and turns extremely well.  This is definitely in my top three choices of 3×3’s, so I definitely think it’s a good idea to get one of these for trying out other speed cubes.

Is This Cube For You?

I truly believe that this a cube that you should have in your collection.  It may or may not replace your current speed cube, but what’s to say that you won’t discover this as your best cube so far?  I believe I would have a better feel about this cube if I didn’t start off on the wrong foot, but hey!  You get what you get, and I still like it.

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • Crisp
  • Tighter feeling
  • Smooth turning
  • Smaller corner cutting

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Less crisp feeling
  • Bigger corner cutting
  • Flush feeling
  • Heavier weight


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