Dayan Megaminx Review

The Megaminx has been around for quite sometime, and Dayan decided to make one of their own.

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Dayan has been known for making great cubes, and it was a bit of a surprise to find out that they were expanding their product to other puzzles such as the megaminx.  Thought it came as a shock, cubers were not disappointed.  Many people were impressed with the design and the mechanism in the megaminx.  To make things more interesting, Dayan decided to create a new lip on the corner pieces.  With the new design and concept, Dayan made something that definitely made an impact.


The mechanism of the megaminx immediately shows that it was made from Dayan.  The plastic is smooth and very easy to turn.  The only downside to the Megaminx (which was expected) is the corner cutting.  You can’t do a corner cut very well, and what little you can do isn’t worth the effort that you have to put into it to cut the time.  It is a little lenient so that’s better than most.

The edge piece shows the true nature of the Dayan series.  With the curved sides and the organic looking structure, you can see that this was made with the same concept of a ZhanChi.  There’s also a lip in the edge piece to help secure it within the corner and center pieces.

The corner pieces also show a similarity to the Dayan style.  The corner piece is elongated and has a bit of a beveling near the outer part of the piece.  Whether that really does anything to improve the cube is beyond me, but it’s there nonetheless.

One thing I noticed with the Megaminx is that there is a spacing between the edge and the corner pieces.  I thought that it would be flush like the other Dayan cubes, but it doesn’t seem to be damaging the puzzle’s performance so I have no problems with it.


When I first saw this puzzle on the market, I wanted it and I’m glad I did.  The Dayan Megaminx has a great mechanism, smooth turning, and that little lip that’s on the outside (optional) adds extra traction that helps me grip it better.  I have more control, stability, and in short, better solves.  I know I may sound biased in this review, but I feel like this deserves the attention.

Now I’m not a speed solver for the Megaminx, but many people I know use the Dayan version for their competitions.  They handle very well and produce better results than that of the other cubes.  I’m not bashing the other Megaminx cubes, but I do believe that Dayan has a little bit of an advantage with the mechanism.  If you want a puzzle that feels great in your hand, then this is a good choice to start off with.

Is This Cube For You?

This is a great cube for anyone to get!  If you want the ridges or not is completely up to you, but the main core of the cube is what you really want to get. Trust me.

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • Smooth turning
  • Small corner cutting
  • Great quality

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Lesser price


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