Dayan Guhong Review

The Dayan GuHong was the cube that helped get Dayan on their feet and known as a great speed cubing company.  What did this cube have that created a series of great cubes that followed?

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The Dayan GuHong was the second cube of the series, but caused a huge change of direction for the speed cubing community with the surprisingly different look to the traditional cube.  This cube was once considered the best speed cube before the ZhanChi was produced.  The GuHong had held a previous world record before it was later beaten by the ZhanChi.

Some people prefer the GuHong over the ZhanChi to this day. Dayan decided to upgrade the cube and create what is now called the GuHong II.  Both the original and the upgrade are available, and some still prefer the original over the upgrade, but they are both great in the qualities that they bring to the market.

GuHong Pieces 2Mechanism

The GuHong’s simplistic and elongated style is what gives this cube a good reputation.  The edges of the pieces have been beveled down to allow better corner-cutting.  To my surprise, the torpedos were not implemented in this design.  It wasn’t until a little later on when the torpedos came with the speed cubes.

The corner pieces were one of the first of many to come with the concept of having a longer stem.  Now this particular cube is straight, slim, and simple, and I believe that was their edge into the market and why they succeeded so well.

The edge pieces share a similar mold.  Instead of the normal blocky piece that was found in more of the older cubes, this particular style shows a more rounded feel with a little lip to keep the edge piece from popping.  Surprisingly, this didn’t cause any more popping than an average cube at the time. In fact, it made the cube work better!

Now if you can look at the tips of the pieces, you can see how the edge and corner pieces will form a round shape on the inside.  This concept was also fairly new and worked wonders on the new structure of the speed cubes that were to come.


I like the GuHong a lot!  This is a cube that I would willingly go to a competition with or to show off how fast I am with it.  Now I have cubes that I like better, but this definitely hits in my top 5 speed cubes.  The turning, the corner-cutting, the feel is all top notch and was great for its time.  That’s why Dayan grew to be such a respected brand.  They have cubes that work.

To people who are just starting in the speed cubing world, I introduce them to either this cube or the ZhanChi.  They both have a great feel and they are perfect for beginning and learning how to get faster at solving the cube.

Is This Cube For You?

I think this is a great choice, and it’s one of my favorites.  It’s great, but there are also better cubes that you can purchase.  However, if you are into cubes that have a good click and slickness to it at the same time, then this may be perfect for you.

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • Crisp
  • Light
  • Smooth
  • One-Handed Solves

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Flush
  • Heavy
  • Great corner-cutting
  • Less pops


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