Dayan GuHong II Review

The Dayan GuHong II is an upgrade from the original GuHong. How does it fair against the original cube?

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Having such great success with the GuHong, Dayan decided that they could improve the model and create an upgraded version called the GuHong II. The newer cube took the original’s great qualities and built on top of it to see if there could be better stability and overall control. They succeeded in creating a better version with some changes in the mechanism which I will talk about in the next section.

I feel as though the Dayan GuHong II didn’t get quite the publicity that Dayan probably wanted, but it’s only because the ZhanChi was still gaining popularity; and the GuHong II was not technically a new cube but a remake. It is still a great cube, but some cubers had too high of expectations with the rate that Dayan was going with the greatness of their cubes. Taking all of that aside, the GuHong II made its way into the cubing community and made a great cube even better than it was before.

GuHong II PiecesMechanism

Much like the GuHong, the GuHong II has a very simple and straight-forward design. This simple mold enables a great amount of smoothness and corner-cutting that wasn’t originally thought of before. If you want to read up more about the original GuHong mechanism, check out my GuHong Review. With that, let’s see what was upgraded.

One thing that I notice with the mechanism is there is more structure. I find myself never worrying about the cube coming apart. I actually use this cube for my one-handed solves (I’m not great so don’t judge me too much on that). The reason the GuHong has more stability is the change of the edge pieces.

The GuHong II has been implemented with torpedos which their previous model didn’t have before. On top of that, there have been minor alterations with the beveling on the sides of the pieces, and the flushness that comes in between the edge and corner pieces is a lot better. This sleek change has drastically improved the GuHong and made it worth the upgrade.


This is a great cube that has great stability.  I’d go to this sooner than most of my cubes that I already have and especially over the original GuHong.  Ever since I bought this cube, my GuHong has been up on the shelf and I haven’t picked it up but once or twice.  The original is good, but the GuHong II is much better.

I’m not sure why, but I started using it as my one-handed cube for getting better.  I’m not anywhere close to being a pro at one-handed solve, but I like that I don’t have to worry about my GuHong II coming apart.  Some may not like it as much as some of the other cubes, but there are the few that think this is the best cube so far.

This is in my top 5 favorite speed cubes, and I thoroughly enjoy having this cube in my collection.  I find myself pulling it out occasionally for a nice upgrade from the original.  I have no regrets getting this cube and I’m sure you won’t either.

Is This Cube For You?

The next question I’ll ask is,” Did you enjoy the original GuHong?”  If so, then get the GuHong II.  You will feel better stability and control with this cube over the GuHong.  If you’ve never tried a GuHong, then it’s entirely up to you to decide.  Look below to see if it’s right for you.

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • The original GuHong
  • Crisp turning
  • Flush feeling
  • Tight cubes
  • Limited popping

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Loose cubes
  • Bigger corner-cutting
  • Smoother turns


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