Product Description


Dayan had great success with the creation of the GuHong, ZhanChi, and their many other 3×3’s; and after having such a hit with their cubes, they decided to take a different route and work on other types of puzzles.

With that, they created the Dayan 2×2 ZhanChi.  It was given the same name as the 3×3 because of the similarities in the mechanism between the two puzzles.  Dayan wanted to continue being one of the dominant brands in the speed cubing world, and bringing in a new 2×2 might be the way to do it!


Dayan 2x2 MechanismThe internal pieces of the Dayan 2×2 are almost identical to the ZhanChi which is why it has the name in the title.  The ball core of the little cube is just what you would expect from any 2×2, but the corner pieces are what set this puzzle apart from the others.

The corner pieces have an interesting combination that incorporates a rounded interior and a stubby shaft that keeps the corner pieces to the core, while the outer part of the corner piece is closed off.  This style allows the corner piece to have a more flushed feeling during solves and allows for much quieter solves (and everyone appreciates that.)

Dayan 2x2 PiecesThe edges have a nice indention towards the core while the core has a few pegs sticking out on the bends.  Once put together, the edges fall into the core’s pegs and allows a secure feeling.  This also removes the fear of a misalignment taking place, even though that is never an issue with 2×2’s.


The Dayan 2×2 is a great addition to the series, especially for taking the new route in the 2×2 category.  This is a cube that I would recommend to all my cubing friends.  The rotations are smooth, the corner cutting is great, the structure is secure, and they’re balanced to give a good all around feel.

My only concern is that the corner piece anchors are not very big, and this causes the corner to pop out if you’re a little too rough.  I haven’t had it happen on my solves yet, but I found it surprisingly easy to pull it out when I was taking a picture for the page.  It’s also extremely difficult to put it back into place.

Even with that said, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase the Dayan 2×2 ZhanChi.  I find myself using this cube quite often during my speed solves.  I don’t speed solve 2×2’s much, but I can tell you that this is a cube worth getting.

Is This Cube For You?

Get this cube if you prefer:

  • Smooth Rotation
  • Great Corner Cutting
  • Secure Structure
  • Loose Feeling

Don’t get this cube if you prefer:

  • Clicky Rotation
  • Tighter Feeling
  • Less Corner Cutting