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The Cyclone Boys FeiWu speed cube is one that only comes in stickerless form, but shows great potential in the design behind the cube.  Is it worth your money?  Check it out below.

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The Cyclone Boys FeiWu speed cube is a cheaper puzzle with great qualities that has one distinct feature.  All of their cubes are stickerless.  This can make or break a lot of speed cubers, but is it worth purchasing for you?  Here is the Cyclone Boys FeiWu Speed Cube Review.


Cyclone Boys FeiWu Mechanism 1The FeiWu cube at first look has some extremely smooth turning and feels very controllable in your hands.  There is also no fear of popping or lock-ups during fast solves.  Unfortunately, there are some corner twists that can happen if you are too rough with it.

When checking out the corner cutting, the FeiWu was about as good as any cube on the market.  I didn’t find the corner cutting to be exceptional, especially when comparing to my other main speed cubes.

Cyclone Boys FeiWu Mechanism 3Something to notice is the center cap that covers the screws.  They are considered to be one of the toughest caps to ever pull off.  This is especially useful if you are prone to dropping your speed cubes or if you let little kids play with them.

The color scheme on the Cyclone Boys FeiWu has been talked about by many cubers, and not in a good way.  The orange and red in particular are hard to tell apart, and this is crucial in speed cubing.  It would be one thing if you could change the colors, but the fact that they are stickerless causes a problem that can’t be fixed.

Cyclone Boys FeiWu Mechanism 2This puzzle is great when you pull it right out of the box which is common with Cyclone Boys’ products.  I find some cubers that would rather leave their cube as is instead of tensioning and lubing themselves.  The FeiWu allows you to do just that.


I find the FeiWu to be a great cube for travelling.  You don’t have to worry about the stickers falling off or fading (because there are none), center pieces are almost stuck on there for good, and it’s still a good cube for all your practicing need at a cheap price!

If you move around a bit or find yourself to drop things, then this is the cube for you.  You will be satisfied with this purchase for its reliability.  It’s not the best cube, but it is the most durable cube I’ve found so far.  I recommend the FeiWu just for its toughness, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Smooth Turning
  • Good Control
  • No Pops
  • Rare Lock-Ups
  • Durability

Don’t Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Crisp Turning
  • Better Corner Cutting
  • Better Color Scheme


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