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Made alongside the MeiYing but with stability and control.  How well is this speed cube?  Check out the Cong’s Design MeiYing Speed Cube Review.

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Considering that Cong’s Design is based from MoYu, the YueYing is thought to be a counterpart to the LiYing.  Created at the same time as the MeiYing, how does it fare?  Here is the Cong’s Design YueYing Speed Cube Review.


The thought process when designing this cube was to create overall stability and control, but it may have been overdone with the concept to some.  The cube is naturally heavy and slow to turn, which turns off a lot of speedcubers.

The developers attempted to make the corner cutting the best it could be without removing the stability and the design ended up causing the corner pieces to catch on the edges from time to time.  It’s not great for cutting corners, but it does the job well enough.

The defining feature would be the 100% control of the speed cube with the sacrifice of the speed.  This is only helpful for those who don’t mind losing speed.  I like having control but just enough speed to help me out and this is good for that purpose.

The YueYing is louder than most and that is because of the hollow design.  The sound of the cube won’t matter if you get great times with it, so it’s really just a preference.

There are recommendations to tension the YueYing and lubricate it to your liking to ensure the best of this speed cube.  I recommend doing that to all of your speed cubes.


The Cong’s Design YueYing is a cube that put careful consideration to the stability and control instead of the speed and corner cutting.  They did well to this for the purpose of cubers who don’t rely on the fast turning cubes, but on their own strength.

This type of cube can become tiresome after several solve, but can also build muscle along with dexterity in your hands to control the speed cube in a better way.

If you are looking for a cube that has more stability, then you will do well to buy the Cong’s Design YueYing.  If you can’t imagine losing speed and fast turns, then this may not work well in your collection.

Is This Cube For You?

Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Slow Turning
  • More Control
  • Heavy Weight
  • Stability

Don’t Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Faster Turning
  • Lighter Weight
  • Softer Sound
  • Better Corner Cutting


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