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What is in the MeiYing that differs from the YueYing?  Check out the Cong’s Design MeiYing Speed Cube Review.

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Product Description


The Cong’s Design MeiYing is a speed cube that was created alongside the YueYing, but made with different intentions by the developer.  While the YueYing was created for overall stability and performance, the MeiYing was created for the maximum corner cutting that the cube would allow.  This is the Cong’s Design MeiYing Speed Cube Review.


The internal mechanism of the MeiYing was designed to corner cut as much as it could without sacrificing the performance of the speed cube.  Inspection of the puzzle gives an idea that the developer was trying to create a lightweight feel.

The pieces themselves are very hollow that gives a crisp feel to the cube.  Unfortunately, this causes the cube to become very loud and obnoxious.  If comparing to the YueYing, the MeiYing is not near as loud as the other.

The hollow cube allows speed to become a well-known friend.  This speed cube turns very fast and has little to no lock-ups during the solve.  It also can boast to have no pops either to allow a very stable puzzle.

The plastic has a similar feeling to the MoYu, so it becomes smoother over time after several solves.  If you are not a fan of crisp cubes, give it some time and it will get better.


The Cong’s Design MeiYing is a cube that has grown to be many cuber’s main speed cube.  Some have argued that the loud turning of the cube is annoying, but they still enjoy the cube as a whole.

If fast and light cubes are your style, then you should definitely consider purchasing the MeiYing.  As many speedcubers turn to this cube for their main, you would do well to heed the advice of all of us when we say,” Get one!”

Is This Cube For You?

Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Super Fast Turning
  • Light Feel
  • Maximum Corning Cutting

Don’t Get This Cube If You Prefer:

  • Slower Turning
  • Heavier Weight
  • Softer Sound


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