Frequently Asked Questions


What is this site for?

This site is made for the purpose of cubers to learn everything about speed cubing and puzzles.  Whether it’s a review about a new cube, a youtube channel, an online store, or even learning how to solve cubes faster; you will find what you’re looking for.  If you can’t find it, I’ll make sure you do.

Why did you make this site?

When I first started getting into speed cubing, I looked all over the place to find a site that would give good reviews about pretty much everything.  I couldn’t find one that did all that, and the ones that did were extremely hard to navigate.  Now that I’m older and have a wide knowledge about speed cubing, I decided I’ll make one so other new cubers won’t have to face the same difficulty as I did.

What if I can’t find a review about a cube/site/method?

Let me know, I’m adding new pages every chance I get, but I’m willing to work on other pages sooner if you are looking for a review.  I have a Contact Page set up so you can email me what you’re looking for.  I like hearing what you guys want too, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Have you tried out all of the cubes?

Yes, unless I say otherwise.  I will let you know at the top of the review if I haven’t tried it out.  If I haven’t tried it out, it’s either because I intend on getting one eventually or I don’t think it’s worth my money to get.  No offense.

Will you be giving tutorials for all the Speed Cubing Methods?

I haven’t tried all of them, so giving tutorials that benefit people would be a little difficult.  I’ll give as much information as I can, but I’ll more than likely have to link to other sites that have good tutorials.  However, the sites will fit my criteria of good quality tutorials and easy navigation.