Brights, Half-Brights, Or No Bright Stickers?

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Have you ever been in a moment where you’re looking at your cube, trying to practice color recognition for faster times?  I believe it’s something that we’ve all done at one point in our training or practices.  After all, we are attempting to be faster at it, right?

The topic that has been brought up […]

Black Vs. White Cubes: Does Color Really Matter?

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Hello to my favorite cubers!  I am sorry for the delay in my posts.  I’ve been quite busy with other projects that require quite a bit of my free time, but I should be back to normal soon.
With that said, my old friend and blogger, Sean is back for a great article on White […]

Stickered Vs. Stickerless Speed Cubes

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11/22/2016 Edit: This seems to be one of my more popular posts on my website, so I wanted to polish it up and add more information that is relevant to today.  Enjoy!

The challenges of choosing your own speed cube are hard enough already.  With the decision of what brand, version, color, and size, you really […]

ZhanChi Vs. ShuangRen

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This has been a question on a lot of people’s mind, and I don’t blame you.  Is the ShuangRen better or does the ZhanChi hold its title?  I’m going to clear up the best one in this post.  I’m going to categorize the most important qualities in a cube and discuss who wins in that […]