5 Unusual Tips To Speed Up Your Solves

As speed cubers, we are always trying to find the next best method, algorithm, or learning strategy that will help us reach our new PB.  Constantly looking for the latest tips can really bog us down after attempting to apply so many.

There are, however, a few out of the ordinary tricks that could speed […]

How To Start Speed Cubing In 5 Easy Steps

Speed cubing is a fun adventure to dive into, and a great hobby that can turn into an extremely addicting passion.  However, if you’ve never looked at speed cubing, nor understand how to begin, that is where this post comes in.  Here is everything that you need to know to get started.
1.  Know What […]

The Best Speed Cubing Technique To Master

In speed cubing, no matter what method you’re learning or what cube you have, there are always those techniques that you can use that will boost your time and your ability to solve.  People from around the world have given their best opinion that have helped many newcomers to become a great speed cuber, […]

7 Tips To Improve Your Speed Cubing Time

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Hey guys!  I had an email exchange with another blogger by the name of Sean Liu with his cubing site cubetopia.net.  He and I had spoken about sharing our tips and experiences with each other and giving them to you guys to read and enjoy.  Sean has some great tips for you guys, so […]

1 Simple Step That Will Immediately Improve Your Speed Cubing Times

If there is anything that I want to achieve is the art of speed cubing, that would be to get faster at the cube.  And I know for a fact that I am not the only one!

One thing that I have noticed that improved my times significantly is the ability to look ahead, and […]