3 Christmas Cubing Challenges

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I’m sitting here 12 hours away from home visiting family and enjoying the gifts that we’ve given each other, but that never means that I am away from my speed cube.  I keep my main with me everywhere I go.

The holidays are here, and that means a lot of free time, traveling, and sometimes […]

Updates And New Things

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For those of you who are new to the website, welcome!

For those of you who are returning, there are some great things on the horizon!

If you haven’t already noticed, I have made quite a few changes to the layout of the website.  This style will allow me to refine the review sections and make […]

CuberCritic’s OLL Challenge: Week 5

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Hello cubers!  It’s the fifth and final week of the OLL Challenge!  I have really enjoyed this challenge and I hope that you have enjoyed it just as much.  There are only nine more OLL cases that you will memorize before completely finishing all the algorithms….

… And I mean all of them.

As I stated […]

What Are Your Questions?

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During my journey in the passion of speedcubing, I had questions about everything!  Why did this work?  What causes this to happen?  How did you figure that out?  And the more I learned, the more questions I had.

Now I know that some of you if not all of you have questions regarding some topic. […]

New Review (And Some Other Notable Things)

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I just posted a new review about the MoYu WeiLong, and I had a great time reviewing this cube.  I do have some other cubes coming in the mail, which I’ll review when they get here!  But I’m not telling you what they are just yet 😉

If you’ve also been with me for a […]