Cuber Interview – Instagram’s @Cubing_Burger

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Hey, everyone!

I am starting a new series of blog posts that I’m still trying to figure out how often I want to do it, but I am going to be interviewing speed cubers that are big influencers in their social platforms and pick their brains on speed cubing to help cubers of all stages […]

How To Get Better At Speed Cubing Naturally

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I remember sitting down at my desk trying to memorize as many algorithms as I could or making my reaction time as fast as possible. The process was mostly fun, but I definitely hit some walls in the process.

The truth is, we are all trying to get better through rigorous training and memorizing […]

Should You Learn How To Blind Solve? (And Where Do You Start)

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There are so many different ways to solve the popular 3×3; you can speed solve it, solve it one-handed, or even solve it with your feet (although that might stink a little). One such method of solving is the blind solve, and it tends to be one that a lot of cubers and non-cubers […]

The Easiest Way To Memorize Algorithms

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Since the beginning of speed cubing, every cuber has had to go through some sort of struggle to memorize algorithms. From small turns to more challenging moves, cubers have tried to figure out a way to easily get the algorithms from paper to memory.

Whatever you may be working on, it can seem daunting […]

How To Transition To Larger Cubes

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The 3×3 speed cube is an amazing puzzle that we can turn back to day after day. When we’ve had a long day or a great time, there is something that we can all enjoy and love about coming back to our speed cube.

However, there are some moments when we want to branch […]