Getting The Right Speed Cube

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There is no greater feeling than getting a new speed cube to add to your collection. The mystery of the new mechanism, the discovery of how it turns and cuts corners, and the feeling when you solve it is uncomparable to any other part of speed cubing.

However, there does come a challenge of […]

What Does It Take To Be Faster At Speed Cubing?

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Hello to all of my readers and subscribers!  I want to talk about something that I think we all have questions for, and that is on the topic of getting faster at speed cubing.

Asking this question means that you are wanting to get better, but you may be feeling like you’re a bit stuck. […]

How To Analyze Your Speed Solves

By |May 10th, 2017|How To|2 Comments

The goal for any speed cuber is to achieve their next personal best time and to potentially win in a speed cubing competition. Anyone that is trying to improve naturally goes to finding every method or algorithm that can help shave off a few more seconds, and though it will help, you want […]

How To Start Speed Cubing In 5 Easy Steps

Speed cubing is a fun adventure to dive into, and a great hobby that can turn into an extremely addicting passion.  However, if you’ve never looked at speed cubing, nor understand how to begin, that is where this post comes in.  Here is everything that you need to know to get started.
1.  Know What […]