How To Start Speed Cubing In 5 Easy Steps

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Speed cubing is a fun adventure to dive into, and a great hobby that can turn into an extremely addicting passion.  However, if you’ve never looked at speed cubing, nor understand how to begin, that is where this post comes in.  Here is everything that you need to know to get started.
1.  Know What […]

CuberCritic’s OLL Challenge: Week 5

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Hello cubers!  It’s the fifth and final week of the OLL Challenge!  I have really enjoyed this challenge and I hope that you have enjoyed it just as much.  There are only nine more OLL cases that you will memorize before completely finishing all the algorithms….

… And I mean all of them.

As I stated […]

The Best Speed Cubing Technique To Master

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In speed cubing, no matter what method you’re learning or what cube you have, there are always those techniques that you can use that will boost your time and your ability to solve.  People from around the world have given their best opinion that have helped many newcomers to become a great speed cuber, […]

CuberCritic’s OLL Challenge: Week 4

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Welcome to week 4 of my OLL Challenge.  I am so glad that you have made it this far as learning the OLL’s can be challenging.  The weeks in the past have had triggers that we have been able to use, but the next two weeks will not have those.

The next 18 cases are […]

CuberCritic’s OLL Challenge: Week 3

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Welcome to week 3 of my OLL Challenge.  In the previous weeks, we had different triggers to work with for memorizing different OLL cases which really helped, and this week will be the same.  I’m excited to hear how these challenges have helped you become a better speed cuber!

The last week triggers were (R […]